M+A Consults - What does M&A mean?
M&A is the fusion of companies and the acquisition of company shares. It stands for all procedures regarding transmission and debiting of company ownerships including mergers, the restructuring of companies, the fusion and conversion within the meaning of the law, the financing of the company acquisition, the foundation of joint ventures as well as the acquisition of companies and is easily recognized as a complex and intensive range of services.

As a specialist for machine tools and industrial plant technology we concentrate on wholistic merchandising of the existing production plant or a certain operating sector based on a location analysis. In the course of this specific M&A-service we advise you regarding the possibilties and guarantee a discreet acquisition under full reserve to the claimed discretion. Due to our diligent and natural methods, we keep disturbing influences away from the existing manufacturer. At the same time we create new contacts to possible investors, cooperation partners and suppliers.

Through this no negative image will arise contrary to a possible auction and you retain a wholistic company structure on a sound basis.